Oliver and Felicity and tent shenanigans while camping with the gang. ;)

This is cheesy, fluffy and a little ridiculous. I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. I’ve literally slept three hours in the last two days! :(


“This is a terrible plan.” Felicity mutters from where she’s seated on a tree stump, watching the boys set up tents.

“You thought it was brilliant a few hours ago.” Oliver counters, sticking the last peg in the ground and brushing his hands against his pants.

He has a point. She’d actually suggested the idea, believe it or not. It’s the best way to survey their latest foe, and after some research, she’d printed out maps and instructed everyone to get their camping equipment. She’s regretting the whole thing now though.

“Yes, but I didn’t think about the bugs. Or the rain or- oh my God are there bears out here?” She looks around the rocky clearing, her brow furrowing anxiously.

She really doesn’t like camping. Like really, really doesn’t like it.

“There are no bears Felicity, don’t worry.” Oliver sounds mildly amused and she glares at him, pushing her glasses up her nose.

“Felicity, do you want to take a tent to yourself? The three of us can fit in the other.” Digg calls over, shielding his face from the steady rain that’s been slowly thickening since they arrived.

Roy’s sitting on a rock nearby, scowling at the whole situation and doing very little to help anybody. She can’t really blame him though, since she’s doing the exact same thing.

“Are you kidding? I’m not sleeping by myself out here. I hate the woods. I grew up in Vegas, this is not my natural habitat.” She mutters, grimacing and waving her arm in the air as a bug flits around her head. How it’s possible that there’re bugs and rain, she’s not sure. She thought the two were mutually exclusive.

Mission or not, this officially sucks.

“She’ll stay with me.” Oliver’s voice books no argument and he gives the other two a look, daring them to challenge him.

She shrugs. As awkward as sleeping in a tent with Oliver might be, he’s probably the best bet to protect her against any curious wildlife, so it works for her.

“Okay, well let’s all try to get a few hours sleep, he should be arriving pretty early tomorrow.” Dig says, grabbing his bag from the pile beside her and walking towards one of the tents.

The plateau they’re camping on gives them a perfect view of their target’s hideout, and considering the guy is a paranoid, slightly psychotic arms dealer, who’s supposedly planning some big trade tomorrow, it’s an opportunity too good to miss.

Felicity picks up her own bag and tosses it into the other tent, kicking off her shoes and stumbling in after it, shivering slightly from the rain. Yeah, she definitely hates camping. The last time she had to do it was on Lian Yu, and it least it wasn’t raining then.

Dig and Roy turn in, bickering loudly as they try to figure out their sleeping arrangements. She snorts at the image of them cuddling up in a tent together, and wonders if she’ll manage to get a photo, blackmail purposes and all.

She’s unpacking her sleeping bag when Oliver climbs in, leaving his soaked jacket in the little porch section and sitting on the edge to unlace his shoes. When he turns around and crawls into the small space beside her, she’s reminded of just how big he is. Because seriously, his head brushes the roof when he’s sitting down, and his legs are at the very least a few inches longer than the length of the tent.

“This isn’t going to be very comfortable for you, is it?” She asks as he starts to unwrap his own sleeping bag, laying it down beside hers.

“I’ll be fine.”

His hands reach for his pants button and she gasps, quickly turning her back, accidentally elbowing him in the process.

It really is a tiny tent.

“Sorry.” She mutters, at his muffled ‘Oof.’ “Just, give a girl some warning before you start stripping.”

He sighs, and she keeps her eyes closed and tries very hard not to think about what he’s doing because that’s… distracting.

“You do realize you’ve seen me without pants before, right?” He’s says, amusement coloring his tone. “You stitched a stab wound in my thigh last week.”

“Yes, but this is different. Life threatening situations don’t count when it comes to seeing someone naked.”

“You can turn around now.” He says after a minute, and she does, relieved to see him in sweatpants and a t-shirt.

“Okay, my turn.” She grabs her bag and gives him a look. “Turn around.”

He awkwardly maneuvers himself until he’s facing the side of the tent, his head ducked to avoid brushing against the canvas.

Careful to keep her elbows to herself, she gets to changing, pulling her top over her head and folding it into her bag. There’s a muscle twitching on the side of Oliver’s neck, and she wonders, slightly smugly, if he’s having just as much difficulty keeping his thoughts clean as she is.

“Are you done?” He asks after about ten seconds.

“No I’m not done! What am I, a ninja? I’ll tell you when I’m done.” She huffs, rolling her eyes.

He mutters something unintelligible under his breath, but keeps his back dutifully turned as she pulls her jeans down her legs. She grimaces when she looks at her pajamas, she’d brought them because they’re the warmest ones she owns, but they’re pink and slightly fluffy and have panda faces printed all over them. Embarrassing.

She slips them on anyway, quickly buttoning up the top before taking off her glasses and placing them safely in her bag.

“Okay, all done.” She says lightly, pulling her hair out of its ponytail and combing her fingers through it.

He shifts back around, lips twitching up as he takes her in. She holds up a warning finger and gives him her most dangerous look.

“Not a word.”

He shakes his head, his small smile growing as his eyes run over her.

“They’re cute.” He says after a moment and her cheeks tinge pink at the affection in his voice.

She gives him a small, answering smile, letting her hand fall to her lap.


It takes some shuffling around, but they manage to get into their sleeping bags without causing each other any bodily harm. Oliver has to keep his legs slightly bent, and his shoulder brushes hers as they lie side by side.

He flicks the torch off and they’re plunged into darkness. She can vaguely hear Dig and Roy talking and snorts softly.

Oliver shifts slightly and she knows he’s turned to look at her.

“What?” He whispers, his breath fanning across her face.

“I was just imagining Dig and Roy together in a tent this size.” She says with a hushed giggle. “I mean, this is a tight fit for us and Dig’s even- is Dig bigger than you? I think he probably is width wise, but I’m not sure about length… And this is sounding so wrong so I’m just going to stop that train of thought right there. But anyway, Roy’s definitely bigger than me, so they’ve got to be pretty cramped in there, was the point I was trying to make.” She sighs, and her cheeks flame, hidden in the darkness.

He’s chuckling quietly by the time she’s finished and she rolls her eyes, burrowing deeper into her sleeping bag.

“Well I definitely drew the long straw in this situation.” He says after a minute, his voice a little lower than usual, and she can hear the smile on his lips as he speaks.

She stills, opens her mouth to reply, and then closes it with a snap, because anything she might say to that will inevitably end in a very embarrassing ramble, and there’s only so much humiliation she can take in one day.

He saves her though, when he shifts, trying to make himself more comfortable, and whispers a soft “Goodnight Felicity.”

She mumbles a reply and closes her eyes, she really is quite tired. It was a ridiculously long hike to get here, and it’s just starting to catch up to her. She didn’t think she’d be able to sleep a wink, too afraid of the dark wilderness around them, but with Oliver right next to her, so close that she can feel his every breath, warm against her skin, she feels perfectly safe, and it doesn’t take her long to drift off.


She’s startled awake some time later, by Oliver bracing himself over her, a hand clamped over her mouth and muscles coiled. She idly thinks that if anyone else woke her up like that, this would be about the point she started struggling and screaming bloody murder. But it’s Oliver, so she stays still and quiet, trusting his judgment and waiting for his cue.

It takes about a minute for him to relax, and then he’s carefully rolling off her, his rapid breathing slowly starting to abate.

“Sorry. I though I heard something. Are you okay?” He reaches for her in the dark and his hand finds her neck, finger brushing against her pulse.

“I’m fine. What did you hear?” She thinks about turning on the torch, but knows that if something is out there, it’ll only lead them here faster.

“It was probably nothing. Maybe a coyote.” His voice is rough from sleep and she’s momentarily distracted by how good it sounds, before his words sink in.

Probably nothing? Are you sure there aren’t bears here? Because I read this story once about some campers who were attacked by a bear and all that was left was a shoe. Just one shoe, Oliver!”

He lies back down, the air shifting around them as he moves.

“We don’t have bears in California, Felicity.” He says gently, and she can’t see it, but she knows the corner of his mouth is lifting in that way it does sometimes when he looks at her.

“Mountain lions, yes.” He says after a second, and she sits up straight, her sleeping bag falling to her waist and her eyes widening.

“Mountain lions?” She squeaks, a little louder than she intended.

“Shh.” He finds her hand and tugs her back down beside him. “It’s fine. They’re very shy, they rarely attack humans.”

“Rarely?” She whispers, skeptically.

He huffs out a short laugh and before she can realize what’s happening, he’s wrapped an arm around her waist, tugging her into his chest. Her face rests in the crook of his neck, and even through two sleeping bags, she can feel the warmth of his body against hers.

“Go back to sleep. You’ll be fine.” He says softly, and she does, because his arms feel like a shield around her, and a mountain lion would have to go through him first, and he’d fight it off.  Because he’s Oliver, and he’s safe and strong and… Maybe camping isn’t so bad after all.

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